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One day I decided that I wanted to give my Gamecube a special look. It all started out with the big cooling fans on the sides. I wanted to make my Gamecube a little more silent so I replaced the small noisy fan with two big slow-spinning ones. They also gave my console a more beafier look, which is really a matter to taste whether that is a good thing or not.

After the cooling fans I thought it would be nice to put some nice lights here and there. Lets say that after that, the ideas really started rolling and things got slightly out of hand...

So after months of hard work and messing around, my Gamecube now looks like this (enjoy!):

gc angle

topfront view

front view

side fan view

top view

dark top

This last photo shows what the jewel truly looks like, the camera can't seem to get it right under normal conditions though :(

I hope you like my casemod!


For technical details and information on how to make your own custom jewel, just click: specifications