Making your own CCFL-jewel

If you are happened to be interested to making your own custom jewel, this is the place to be! To make this mod, please take note to the following aspects:

skills - You don't need to be a rocket scientist to be able to make this mod. However you do need some basic modding skills. Most important one is that you have a steady hand that knows how to handle a Dremel. Also some basic soldering skills are preferable. If you have that, it's unlikely that you'll screw up.

time - It doesn't either take a lot of time to make the mod. Depending on your skills, it is very well possible that you finish the project within one day!

consider compatibility - The mod does not affect any of the functionality of the Gamecube. Unfortunatly the mod does not work with the newest revision of the Gamecube, because it has a sticker-type jewel. The same goes for the Hushtrap replacement cases. Cases that are compatible are (as far as I know) the original GC-cases and XCM replacement cases (the non-transparant ones), like the one shown on the next picture:

modded xcm case modded XCM replacement case


tools - You'll need a special screwdriver (or bit-piece) to be able to open up the Gamecube. This is known as the 'gamebit', and can be purchased at various places on the web. Other needed tools are a dremel with grinding discs, a soldering iron and a standard drill. The rest is all stuff that most people probably already have laying around somewhere.



materials - This is a hard one. You'll need a to get your hands on a white CCFL-ring and two carefully sized plexiglas circles. Luckily I can help out. I do have a lot of stuff left over that might be of use to other people. Actually I do have enough lasercut plexiglas discs, ccfl-rings, rubber bands and tracing paper to make starter-kits for over 10 people! So if you are interested... contact me, a kit costs about 15 euros. While I'm at it I might as well also send you along a printed logo.

kit content: kit

(rubber band, light disc (incl. ccfl-inverter), plexiglas disc for on top, a logo card, some tracing paper )


Instructions - Of course once you have all the stuff you need, you want to know what to do with it. I don't yet have a detailed set of instructions on how you need to make the mod. I simply don't know if anyone is interested in making it so I won't make one unless I know some people want me to. Therefore I'd be more than happy to personally help you out on your quest! Just contact me.

Good luck on making your mod!