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Someone living close to me found out about my Gamecube and he decided that he wanted to make something similar. I provided him some materials to make the jewel part of his mod. At that time he already had put a lot of LEDs inside his machine. When he was finished he sent me some pictures of the results: (enjoy!)

top view

angle view

inverter placed in expansion slotglued down ccfl disc

As you can see he loves blue :)

On the last two pictures you can see some inside secrets. The inverter for the ccfl needs to have a place to go, so RoempaZ decided to put it in one of the expansion slots of the Gamecube. By the way it is also possible to use the other expansion port for it (as I did). Since the mod is performed on an icecube case it was apparently not possible to use rubber bands. Therefore RoempaZ decided to glue the ccfl disc on its place instead, cruel, but effective. :P

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