Old photos of my Gamecube

Before my Gamecube looked like the way it does now, it took a lot of experimenting to get the various things to work properly. When I started modding my cube I didn't know what it would look like in the end. The ideas just came pooring in while working on it. I took some pictures now and then. Back then I only had a very crappy digital camera. Sometimes I used my even crappier webcam to take some shots, oh well...

Check my experimental photos:

Casefans - The first things I modded to my Gamecube where the fans. The sound of the original small one annoyed me so I looked for a solution. I replaced it with two 80mm ones that each run at a peaceful 6V. On the right picture you can see the original fan and also and also an extra slim Zalman OP1 fan. If I would have had a black cube I would have used that fan.

Gamecube with aluminium fansGamecube with aluminium fans


See through jewel - After the fans I started modding the jewel. I took out the original one and painstakingly polished the acrylic disc with toothpaste to make it clear. Then I cut a hole in the lid and I made a small ring of cardboard on which the disc could rest. The result was a see through jewel. It's fun to be able to see the laser shining through the game disc, all the way to the roof.

See through jewel See through jewel


LED light disc - Before I found out where to get white CCFL rings, I used LEDs to illuminate the disc. The results where good, but it was a lot of work to make. As usual I learned a lot of it.

LED light disc LED light disc


Behind the buttons - Each of the three buttons has four LEDs that illuminates it. These are bright LEDs and those usually come with clear lenses. Luckily it only takes a piece of sandpaper to diffuse the lenses, which makes the light spread more evenly.

Modded button Button socket with LEDs


Backside of the front panel - Wiring 22 LEDs with resistors and still making it fit... yes it's hard.

Rear of front panel Rear of front panel


Inside shots - I finish with these interior shots. The biggest challenge was to make everything fit and work. The Gamecube is a small and compact device. Apparently I somehow found a way to place the LEDs and wire them up. I know it doesn't look very neet on the inside, but who cares?

Left interior

Right interior

Inside wires