- In total there are 49 LEDs used to light everything: (3x4 LED's for each of the buttons on top, 3 for the shader, 2x4 for the fans, 10 above the controller ports, 4x2 inside the controller ports, 2x2 for the memory card slots, 2x2 for both feet at the bottom.)

- The 4 LEDs on the bottom of the Gamecube are automaticly changing color.

- The moonshaped light spreader on top blinks alternatively from side to side and is speed-ajustable.

- The jewel is illuminated using a 80mm round white CCFL, for more info on the jewel: look further below.

my modded gamecube my modded gamecube


The Jewel

The jewel is especially nice because it illuminates anything that I print out on transparancy overheadsheets:

inserting logo disc separate logo disc

several logo discs mario jewel

As you can see it's very easy to change the logo, it's just a matter of seconds. I already printed myself some different logo's, so I never have to get bored with the way how my Gamecube looks :). Personally I really like the retro Mario version.


An inside view:

Here is how it works: On the picture below on the left you can see the CCFL-ring. When it's turned on, it produces a bright white light. Inside the ring you can see a disc of plexiglas that fits right in. This disc is sanded so it makes the light reflect to all directions. Using some paper and aluminium tape I basicly wrapped up the CCFL-ring and plexiglas to make a disc that gives a nice, bright, even and white light.

ccfl disc inside view processed lid

On the picture on the next to that you can see the backside of the lid. I cut and sanded it in such a way that a big hole appeared :). You can also see the rubber bands which are used to keep the light disc into place. Under the logo lies a piece of transparant tracing paper. I found out that using this paper really improves the brightness and evenness of the light because of its diffusing effect.

The pictures below show what the final assembly looks like:

final assembly disc in action


Make your own CCFL-lighted jewel!

If you're thinking like: I want such a nice jewel too! Then do check the next page for more information: making your own jewel